Hokkaido Cheese Toast

The taste and recipe are exactly the same taste with the original (Hokkaido Milk Bread) from Japan.

we make decision to launch our cheese toast by adapting with our secret recipe. You can feel like “Love at first Bike”. The Hokkaido cheese toast has been served within cute and unique packaging, a smiling bear.

Cheese Bomb & Fries

Using the best ingredients, such as Premium Fries from Netherland potatoes, Cheese from Belgium and Australia, we make sure our customers get the best quality of snacks.

The menu offering and taste has always been developed and adapted to suite Thai people. Flavors such as; Hot & Spicy Cheese, Pizza Cheese Fries, BBQ Pork or Chicken Cheese Fries and Cheese Bombs, are all created thoughtfully for our customers.

Hokkaido Cheese Drink

“Big Bear Brother with the white beard”

You have to drink with the 45-degree angle for getting the best taste (You will be received the taste of our premium tea pass through our cheese foam which is the best wat to drink). Our signature is Chiizu Matcha and Chiizu Yuzu Tea (Yuzu is Japanese’s orange which is unique taste and smell).


“Your Smile is My Happiness”

If you could imagine like cheese is your heaven, then we would say like “Now you are in Heaven” Feeling warm under smiling bear’s house.